What are the health benefits of owning a pool? 

What are the health benefits of owning a pool? 

A crystal clear swimming pool is a luxury for homeowners that also offers  health benefits. In addition to being a valuable addition to the property, having a swimming pool can help you stay in great shape and stay fit as you age. 

Top 10 Health benefits of owning a pool 

Swimming is a widely preferred aerobic activity for people of all ages. Gathering around a pool with your dear ones is fun, and it gets even better when you are routinely active  in the water. 

Here's the list of the top 10 health benefits of owning a pool.  

1. Complete Exercise 

Swimming is among a few physical activities that give your body a complete workout. Low water resistance does not put excessive pressure on your body; it improves your joints' flexibility, tones the muscles, and increases your overall physical endurance.

When coupled with activities like yoga or pilates, swimming maintains the flexibility in your body to keep you fit and active. Swimming styles like breaststroke, freestyle, and butterfly are the best for this. 

2. Amazing cardio workout

Health professionals agree that swimming is a perfect activity to improve cardiovascular health.

It pumps up the heart rate and the flow of oxygen in your body which results in better blood circulation. Water also has more resistance than air, making swimming a better cardio activity when compared to running.

It is also a low-impact exercise suitable for the elderly or those with arthritis or joint issues. If you are reluctant to sweaty gym workouts, swimming is a great alternative cardio activity that can also get you some "me"  time. 


Improve your skin while swimming!

3. Better Skin  

As you get older, your skin begins losing its glow and elasticity. Treading through the water while swimming increases blood circulation, which in turn improves your skin. It also helps with removing toxins, improving flexibility, and healing skin cells. 

Chlorine in pool water is a natural irritant and has antibacterial properties, which helps with drying out acne. However, if you are allergic to chlorine or other pool chemicals, this will definitely not help your skin and you should avoid situations that may expose you. 

4. Burn the Calories

A 140-pound adult can burn anywhere between 200 to 800 calories in an hour of swimming. In comparison, the same adult will burn 400 calories when running a fifteen-minute-per-mile pace for an hour. Research says that burning 500 calories daily leads to losing about a pound of body weight per week. 

Most will agree that swimming is way more fun than running miles to burn those extra calories. If you are already on a healthy diet plan, using your pool for just 30 minutes each day will keep you in great shape.  

5. Reduce stress and anxiety

Swimming is a form of exercise that helps release endorphins which helps reduce anxiety and stress. 

A regular half-an-hour swim can reduce the incidences of anxiety and depression significantly. Using a pool is fun, and the pleasure is increased when you can enjoy it with your family or loved ones. 

Swimming helps you get better sleep

6. Sleep Better

The aerobic exercise and resistance training experienced by your body while swimming can improve your sleep patterns and the duration of deep sleep. Researchers have found swimming to be very effective in improving the sleep of patients suffering from insomnia and sleep apnea. 

7. Improve coordination and focus

Swimming requires balanced coordination of your limbs, head, and torso. Just like it improves flexibility, using a pool regularly enhances your motor skills and can delay decline of motor skills associated with aging. 

Additionally, setting goals while swimming (number of laps, breath control, duration, etc.) helps improve mental focus and willpower. 

8. Enhance lung capacity

Swimming is an effective breathing exercise and works wonders in improving lung endurance. Using your pool regularly for swimming will enhance your lung capacity and pump more oxygen into your blood. 

This increased lung capacity improves your stamina and also strengthens your immune system. 

It further helps you calm and controls your breathing which can further help with problems like stress and high blood pressure. Some studies have also found swimming effective in softening the symptoms of asthma. 

Pool Swimming, good for your lungs

9. Rehab and Injuries 

Water exercise can be a great option   for people with injuries or disabilities. Using a pool is like experiencing a zero-gravity environment and is great for people who cannot endure strenuous physical activities for long. 

If you are suffering from aches or undergoing recovery, using your pool can be pleasurable and suitable for rehab. 

10. Makes you happier

Swimming also helps with the release of serotonin which is a mood-regulating hormone for your body. Studies have shown that swimming helps with improving your mood and makes you happier as a person. 

Spending time in your pool during the day also gives you a chance to get some sun which increases  your Vitamin-D levels.


Spending time in a pool is a refreshing experience with multiple health benefits. It improves physical and mental health by offering a playful retreat from your regular work routine and should be enjoyed often for better health.  

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